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  • Moving and Shipping Update

    Published Jun 25 2020 in diane kennedy, moving, New Westminster, news, online shopping, shipping, shopping


    Even during these times that require extra care, we are, as always, processing your orders in a timely fashion (usually the day after your order is received, or the next day).

    Once your order is processed, a tracking code is generated - and that is when you receive the email that states your order has been shipped. Then, the package leaves our hands and is sent to a packing and sorting facility where it is officially entered by the carrier into their tracking system. This is when you can start seeing tracking updates.

    Diane Kennedy shipping packages


    Naturally, everybody is favouring online shopping for safety reasons. At this time, Canada Post is seeing record-high shipments, even over Christmas numbers. They are working in every possible way to meet this demand, with approximately 2 million parcels being delivered daily - triple what is usual for this time of year!

    Due to this exceedingly high volume being handled by postal facilities, each part of the process once a package leaves our hands can take longer than usual.

    You may have noticed that there is a delay between receiving your tracking code and being able to track it online. That is because our packing facility is faced with a much larger amount of packages, taking longer to enter them into the official tracking system. At this time we recommend that you wait at least a week before checking for updates.

    After it is entered into the tracking system, every other step of the way is also facing delays, and packages are sometimes being rerouted to help meet demands. That means that once your parcel gets going, it may move much slower, and possibly take much longer to get to you.

    You can click here to read Canada Post's official statement about the delays.

    We care!

    We will continue to process your orders in a timely manner and provide the best service we can. However, once the packages are submitted to the sorting facility, they are out of our hands and we unfortunately have no way to speed up the process.

    We are all facing unprecedented circumstances, and delivery times have been more unpredictable than ever before - we've been seeing everything between regular delivery times and weeks-long waits. Delivery timelines cannot be guaranteed anymore.

    At this point, we kindly ask for your patience. We at Diane Kennedy are thankful for your continued support, and hope things will start improving soon. We will, as always, keep you updated.

    Diane Kennedy drawing about moving

    We're Moving!

    You may have heard that we are moving at the end of this month. It's coming up very quickly, and we are hard at work with packing, so as of this moment our showroom is no longer open for in-person shopping or appointments.

    Please know we're always available by email to help you with fit and any other questions you may have.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding while we navigate our changing reality, and rest assured that our priority is always to give you the best service and all the assistance that you may require.


  • The Queen of All Flowers; A Rose Primer

    Published May 24 2019 in gardening, New Westminster, Queen's Park, roses

    From earliest childhood, I have memories of the flowers my mother grew in our garden. Snowdrops and crocus in early spring, sweet bi-coloured columbine in May and fountains of pink and red roses all summer long. As long as I've had a garden, I've grown roses. From those uninspiring, thorny canes sprout the promise of heavenly beautiful and often fragrant blooms every year.

    Rock n' Roll Rose

    ~Rock and Roll Rose

    Queen's Park

    Now in a townhouse, I have space for only a few roses. But lucky me, I have only a short walk to one of the prettiest rose gardens in the whole city. I have to give much credit to the man that created the Queens Park Rose Garden as well as those who maintain it with love and attention. This garden contains roses of every shape and colour in the possible palette. From purest white through every shade of pink, apricot, yellow, red, mauve, burgundy; not to mention all the combinations of red or pink and white stripes. My favourites are the roses where the petals melt from soft yellow to pink to salmon....just like the most beautiful sunset.

    Diane Kennedy Blog Roses - Desmond Tutu Rose

    ~Archbishop Desmond Tutu Roses

    Diane Kennedy Blog Roses - Cinco De Mayo Rose

    ~Cinco De Mayo Roses

    Diane Kennedy Blog Roses - Living Easy

    ~Living Easy Roses

     Organic Growing Tips

    If I could share a few bits of wisdom on growing roses, first it would be to pick a trusted variety for health and disease resistance. This can vary by region, so get opinions from knowledgeable gardeners in your area. Roses get all manner of bugs and problems so choosing well and treating them right will go along way in your overall enjoyment of your rose(s). The second most important thing is to meet their needs of good quality soil, something akin to a fluffy chocolate cake by liberally mixing in manure and compost. Also feed the soil, not the rose, which means using organic fertilizers like bonemeal, alfalfa, greensand, kelp and epsom salts. Of course, you can buy a premade mixture, but best to pick one with these kinds of natural ingredients. It's very important to pick an area with at least 6 hours of sun a day and good air circulation.

    Diane Kennedy Blog Roses - Wild Blue Yonder Rose

    ~Wild Blue Yonder Roses

    Diane Kennedy Blog Roses - Julia Child Rose

     ~Julia Child Roses

     Diane Kennedy Blog Roses - Poseidon Rose

    ~Poseidon Roses

    Every time I walk through the rose garden, I take a moment to stop and stick my nose deep into a variety that comes in a soft red colour but does not have the most perfect blooms. Just like with people, sometimes we look past the imperfections to the hidden beauty, which in this case is the most delicious 'Fragrant Cloud' of sweet perfume you could possibly imagine.  Aside from health and beauty, in my opinion, fragrance is a top consideration when choosing a rose.

    Diane Kennedy Blog roses - Frangrant Wave

    ~Fragrant Wave Roses

    Diane Kennedy Blog Roses - DeeLish Rose

    ~Dee-Lish Roses


    Happy sniffing!


    Diane Kennedy Blog Signature

  • Fabulous Heritage Homes and Gardens of Queen's Park

    Published Apr 26 2019 in blooms, cottages, flowers, garden tour, gardening, inspiration, local, New Westminster, painted ladies, plants, Queen's Park, walking

    It's Spring and there's no excuse to not get out walking. Thanks to a pedestrian overpass, my route takes me up 5 sets of stairs and into the trails and gardens of Queens Park. In about a month, I'm predicting an explosion of rose blooms to enjoy on this walk. Past the park is the neighbourhood of Queens Park; featuring so many lovely heritage homes and more beautiful, well-tended gardens to pass.  Bursting peonies, flags of iris and the delicious scents of mock orange and honeysuckle brightened this journey. Join me on this trip through this beautiful neighbourhood in my city of New Westminster.

    Bright orange Geum and Brick Red Hens and chicks echo the vibrant colours of the paint

    Bodacious Azaleas in salmon and pink complement or clash? I love it!

    Beautiful Heritage house in the Queen's Park district of New Westminster BC

    A pretty wrought iron gate and punchy red door jazz up this tasteful beige beauty

    Beautiful Heritage house in the Queen's Park district of New Westminster BC

    No shy paint colours here! I love how the graceful Japanese Maple accents the trim 

    Heritage Home in the neighbourhood of Queen's Park, New Westminster BC

    Shade Garden with Corydalis "Blue Panda'

    The gorgeous blue flower is called Corydalis 'Blue Panda'. It is native to China and likes shade and quite moist soil. Here with other shade lovers like Astilbe and Variegated Astrantia

    Who wouldn't want to sit and enjoy the neighbourhood from this inviting chair?

    Campanula Persifolia

    Campanula Persifolia or "Peach Bells"

    Campanula Persifolia or "Peach Bells"

    I love how the campanula is growing up into the boxwood here!

     Heritage Home in the neighbourhood of Queen's Park, New Westminster BC

    I hope you enjoyed joining me on this pictorial journey through New Westminster's Queen's Park neighbourhood to enjoy the enchanting blooms of my favourite flowers and these charming gingerbread cottages.......