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  • How To Care For Your Bamboo Garments

    Published Aug 01 2019 in diane kennedy, eco, eco friendly, environmentally friendly, ethical, ethical fashion, shop local, shopping, silver models, style, sustainable, washing, zero waste

    Bamboo Garment Care

    If there's one thing that Diane Kennedy customers love about our garments, it's how effortless they are. Effortless to wear and care for, that is! Our signature bamboo fabrics are not only incredibly soft and comfortable, but they are also just as easy-breezy to maintain.

    diane kennedy, bamboo dress, eco-friendly garments

    Washing / Drying

    We recommend machine washing our bamboo garments in cold water using a mild eco-friendly soap. After washing, we suggest laying flat or hanging to dry. It's ok to put them in the dryer for a few minutes to get some of the moisture out, but please be sure to hang them up right away afterwards. Our bamboo fabric can hold quite a bit of moisture due to its unique cellular properties. It's ok to hang tops and 'shorter items', but longer items like pants might need to be laid flat to dry to ensure no stretching occurs. For longer tunics and bottoms, draping over a rack best preserves the shape of our garments.

    Bamboo, eco, natural fabrics, diane kennedy garments

    Packing for Travel

    You may already know that our garments travel exceptionally well. Our pieces fold so nicely & efficiently that it makes packing very easy; whether you're getting ready to take Diane Kennedy on a trip, or just switching over your closet's seasons. To minimize wrinkles, lay your garment flat, folding in the sleeves and hem (vertically, from top to bottom) into a rectangle, then simply roll up your garments starting from the neck. When you get to your destination, shake them out and hang them up, no ironing needed! Any wrinkles will fall out shortly.

    Find our newest Bamboo tops and bottoms in our New Arrivals section and visit our website to see our July Clearance items. There are plenty of great savings still to be had!


  • Seeking Sassy Silvers!

    Published Mar 07 2019 in Silver Hair, Silver model, silver models

    We're conducting a model search and could be looking for YOU! Few women over 50 think of themselves as potential models, but things are changing. Women like Iris Apfel at 97 are getting signed with modelling contracts. How about Isabella Rossellini recently re-signed back at age 66 into a contract with Lancome she was let out of at 42?  The age of silver is here! 

    Seeking Sassy Silvers model search in Vancouver for Diane Kennedy clothing

    Are you or do you know of someone that's confident and sassy? Someone that's living life to the fullest and not afraid to show it? We'd love to hear from you (or her). We're not looking for perfection or previous experience. We are looking for enthusiasm and a zest for life!

    Seeking Sassy Silvers model search in Vancouver for Diane Kennedy clothing

    A few specifics...

    Local: Must be within driving distance of East Vancouver, B.C.

    Age: North of 45 (and up!!!)

    Silver hair, a preference, but not required

    Height: 5'5" or taller

    Size: Medium up to 3X 

    Time: During a weekday (anywhere from several hours to 1/2 a day)

    Seeking Sassy Silvers model search in Vancouver for Diane Kennedy clothing

    This search is about finding women for future photo shoots, blog posts and/ or social media shares. None of these require a big commitment in any way. Mostly it's about coming to our studio, trying on a few outfits chosen for you by our designer and having your picture taken with our photographer. We might also ask a few questions about your life, work and experiences too, to learn a little bit about you. Check out a blog post we did about the dancer, Gia Holman here

    Seeking Sassy Silvers model search in Vancouver for Diane Kennedy clothing

    Have a FUN afternoon with all the attention on YOU plus professionally taken photos both close up and full body to share! It's win-win! 

    Drop us a note with your photo, age and size to and PLEASE SHARE with your friends, co-workers, or anyone you think might like to do this!