“I have been selling Diane Kennedy's clothing for years now. The quality, feel and substance of her textiles are unparalleled. Personally I couldn't live without her basics, such as the Rejuvenate Leggings and Fifth Avenue Cami. As a sales person Diane's line would sell itself, all you have to do is get the customer to invest in one item and they will be hooked for life. You simply can not find the combination of quality and style from any other designer.”
~Liz Ayerle

Fresh Ayer LLC


I feel very special and good when I am wearing your clothes. (As you know, I have a lot of them - they are now part of my identity, in a way.) It is very generous of you to open your studio. Love your newsletter too by the way! It is like having a lovely and talented neighbour who cares about staying in touch. Thanks for everything you do!”
~Sharon V 


I own a spa in Philadelphia and I am a loyal Diane Kennedy clothing client. I am thrilled with my purchases!
~Cara L
Body Restoration Spa
Philadelphia, PA


I LOVE your pants, and already have two black pairs that I got from In Full Swing here in Oakland. I thought they were a bit pricey at first, but changed my mind because the fabric really does wear beautifully. The first black pair I bought last year looks almost as good as my new ones, even after dozens of washings and drying in the dryer. That's rare in black especially. And they are incredibly comfortable. Not to mention that you don't assume that we are all 6 feet tall!”
~Karen V.


“Thank you, Diane, for designing fashionable, comfortable, easy care clothing for women in larger sizes. I don't know how I could ever go back to wearing clothing that doesn't feel as comfortable on as pajamas. I am totally addicted.
~Patty H.


Y'know, I just love your clothes ... Had to tell you how comfy and flattering I find them. Thanks for making me feel ‘pretty’.
~Gail Vaz-Oxlade
(Star of ‘Till Debt Do Us Part on Slice Network)



“I recently bought three pieces of your clothing. I felt compelled to learn more about the line and how to get more from the moment I tried on the clothes. I've been plus-sized most of my adult life and have always had difficulty finding quality, comfortable, no-fuss, and beautiful clothing. I am so thrilled to have found your line! I am preparing to purchase clothing to bring to a summer trip to Morocco and would very much like to add some of your pieces to my suitcase! Thank you so much for creating this thoughtful, comfortable and beautiful line! I will surely be advertising your brand where and whenever I can!
~Allison S-T


I just bought my first pair of bamboo pants and I love them!! I want more. I would love to see them in more colours. I'm looking forward to many more pieces from your collection.”


Some days I think, ‘What if I had never discovered Diane Kennedy!’ Seriously though…my life would be a lot less comfortable without your clothing.
~Adrienne L.


“I have purchased several of your pieces in the past but the store I was buying from in Squamish does not seem to be carrying anymore of your stuff. I just can't live without the pants; I have already gone through two pairs and am in need of another!
~Laura P.


“I will be going into the hospital shortly for another back operation with an anticipated lengthy recovery. The Serene Pant will be comfortable for physiotherapy while at the same time making me feel ‘elegant’.
~Susan D.


"We LOVE your clothing. The feel is great & very well made"!
~Amanda Woodward

Thoughtful Threads

Naples, FL


“I saw the Ruche Front Hoodie at Bodacious in their Sunshine Coast store (Gibsons Landing) and I love it! It is hard to find well-made, casual, semi-athletic clothing that is also well-priced and in our size range (it's either Walmart or Eileen Fisher - one extreme or the other. And forget Lu Lu yoga gear, it doesn't even fit!).”
~Marg K.


Love your clothes Diane! Flattering, easy care, extremely comfortable and stylish...
~Barbara T.


“I am allergic to most fabric in pants now. This happened to me about 3 years ago. I cannot wear any of the new pants that are made in foreign countries. I am so happy to have found you!!”
~Fran P.


Diane Kennedy: Curvy eco fashion for Earth Day and every day!
...on the 14+ write up on the LouLou blog!




Thanks for the love