• Forest Fun Guy - Erstwilder Mushroom Brooch
  • Forest Fun Guy - Erstwilder Mushroom Brooch

Forest Fun Guy - Erstwilder Mushroom Brooch


What kind of room has no doors and no windows? We don’t know either but it doesn’t sound like a very fun room!

A source of colour and nutrition for the animals of the forest, this iconic toadstool brooch has been created from a combination of textured resins and features hand-finished details. Incidentally, toadstools are part of the fungus family, classified as a Kingdom and quite separate from plants and animals alike. We should have called it fascinating fun guy.


Height 63mm x Width 54 mm

Each piece is hand assembled, hand painted and released in limited quantities. All designs are made from layered resin. All metal components including brooch clasps, necklace chains and jump rings are made from stainless steel.

Designs come packaged in Erstwilder gift boxes.

Care: Please be aware that resin is akin to ceramic and glass and therefore may be damaged if dropped or knocked. Keep your Erstwilder companion neatly tucked away in this box when not being worn, avoid contact with perfumes, lotions, water and excessive sunlight and you’ll have a trusted friend for years to come.

** Please note Erstwilder brooches are not eligible for codes or discounts**

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