• The New Silhouette

    Published Feb 22 2019 in Black & White, jackets, Made in Canada

    We love the look of body-skimming tunics and leggings. It’s a bit of a uniform at our studio. Throwing on these basics in the morning is a great canvas – we can add some interesting footwear, then layer bold jewellery or a colourful scarf, and we are good to go! It’s a style that’s cute and comfortable and can take us to the office and beyond; however, we’re starting to embrace a fresh alternative with our latest collections.

    Fashion comes in cycles, and designers are starting to show a new silhouette. The trend is moving towards smaller tops and wider bottoms. For example, a shorter, more fitted jacket gets paired with a wide-leg pant.

    Diane Kennedy Paradox Jacket in Black and white bamboo stripes

    The Paradox Jacket

    Impeccable polish with incomparable comfort? That's our favourite kind of paradox! The Paradox Jacket is a soft, tailored topper that adds instant style to any outfit. This new jacket has a more fitted look than a lot of our other jackets, and the hip length pairs perfectly with the wider leg trend.

    Diane Kennedy Paradox Jacket in Black and white bamboo stripes

    The Pacific Pant

    Everything old is new again! You may remember the wide-leg pant style from its first time around in the 60s and 70s. It’s definitively back and brings a lovely, dressy option to your closet. These pants work beautifully if you are average height or taller, as they are a true palazzo pant. They can be worn with a heel, a flat sandal, or even a thick-soled sneaker. For those of you who are a little less blessed in the height department, think about pairing these pants with a bit of a heel to create the right proportions.

    The Serene Pant

    If the Pacific Pant is a bit too much for your tastes or build, try our popular Serene Pant. It’s the very first pant made by Diane Kennedy twelve years ago, and it’s still going strong! With a straight leg that falls from the hip, the Serene Pant allows you access the trend in a more conservative way. They also come in a shorter length – there’s a 32” inseam in the regular length and a 28.5” inseam in petite.

    If you’re looking for a modern look to add to your wardrobe, consider this new silhouette and see if it works for you. Change in fashion is constant, but it doesn’t happen overnight, and we’re thinking this trend will have some staying power.

  • Spring 2019 Part II

    Published Feb 14 2019 in Preview, Spring 2019

    Spring Preview – Continued!

    Our newest collection is starting to fill our showroom and warehouse, and I’m excited to show you what’s in store for Spring 2019. Tunics, capris, pants, jumpsuits and even a dress this season. As always, these pieces are made from sustainable fabrics and completely manufactured in Canada, so you can feel good about buying and wearing them. In a continuation of our earlier preview blog, I’m giving you a look at our design process via our storyboards.

    Sensational Stripes

    Our Cinema Tunic blends stripes and solids with an asymmetrical neckline and a handy pocket, creating a striking style. Pair it with the breezy comfort of our Casting Capri for a coordinated look.

    Fabulously Flowing

    Looking for an easy-to-wear outfit that will turn heads? The Metro Tunic combines an abstract navy-and-white print with a solid navy panel and pocket. The gathered bottom of our Travel Pant adds visual interest. Together, these pieces create a modern silhouette.

    Lovely Layers

    Our Downtown Jacket has the convenience of a front zip so you can wear it as a Jacket or a Tunic. The Clever Cami makes an ideal base layer underneath. Add our wide-leg, striped Axiom Pants for a versatile ensemble.

    Effortless Ease

    Our Weekend Dress is a travel must-have; slip in on with some fun flats or cute sandals, and you’re dressed for anything. Our "Add Pockets" tunic can go over a Perfect Tee, but also looks great on its own with our classic Cafe Legging. (coming back this season)

    I hope this sneak peek has inspired you to imagine how sensational you’ll look in these separates. Stay tuned to our newsletter and website to find out when each piece becomes available, and remember that personal shopping appointments are available between 10 am and 4 pm on most weekdays – come find out how beautiful and comfortable you can be!



  • Fashion over 50

    Published Feb 06 2019 in colour, fashion

    It’s often true that a woman in her 50s can start to feel invisible to society. If you're in my age group, I suspect this thought has at least crossed your mind. I like myself and the way I look, and it can be sobering to think that others may not be noticing.

    Start Within

    The most important thing for us to remember is that we’re gorgeous, accomplished women – we need to be proud of each step that’s brought us to now. Our beautiful bodies have carried us through every joy and challenge, and we need to honour and accept them. Look inside and remind yourself that what others see can never be as important as how we feel about ourselves.

    Build Your Style

    That being said, there’s no shame in thinking about how you present yourself. Part of loving your body is learning how to dress it, and discovering your personal style is a lifetime journey. Knowing what looks best on your frame and shape can make shopping much more fun. What makes you feel good and attractive? Which cuts and fabrics are most comfortable for you? Which colours brighten your day and your outlook?

    Personally, I’m coming into an era of no holding back. I am woman – hear me roar! I can rock a poncho! I can and will wear more than one colour at once (probably not including black)!

    Shine On

    Follow your inspiration, and forget about playing it safe. Choose every outfit by imagining the most lovely, brilliant, authentic version of yourself. Beauty has nothing to with numbers or calendars or birthdays – it’s about letting your inner goddess shine!

  • Meet Leah Tuttle, Clothing Rep Extraordinaire

    Published Feb 01 2019 in agent, local

    Fashion can be a difficult and cutthroat business – survival is dependent on surrounding yourself with outstanding people who share your vision. I’ve been very fortunate to have Leah Tuttle as my agent for the past decade, and I want to give my customers to chance to get to know this wonderful, beautiful woman.

    Diane Kennedy: What inspired you to become a clothing representative?

    Leah Tuttle: A manufacturer asked if I would consider representing their line and so I took a leap of faith.

    DK: Did you have a mentor, and if so, what was the most valuable thing you learned from him/her?

    LT: I worked my way up from dusty stockrooms and was mentored by some of the best (and worst) in the business. The most valuable thing I learned was the importance of a dependable work ethic.

    DK: What is your agency’s most unique quality?

    LT: We focus on Canadian designers and natural, ecological options for sizes XS to 3X. At the time I created the agency, this was seen as risky and difficult path in an industry based heavily on fast fashion and poor quality imports with high margins.

    "I aspire to be mindful of compassion and gratitude. 
    To me, this goes beyond common respect and courtesy 
    and brings us to common ground with higher intentions." 
    ~ Leah Tuttle

    DK: What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment or contribution to the industry?

    LT: My greatest accomplishment is acquiring the flexibility and adaptability that is essential for success in this business. My greatest contributions are the lasting relationships that I’ve built, working collaboratively to produce beautiful results. Our customers receive the service they expect with a little something extra. The best compliments I receive are referrals from satisfied customers.

    DK: How did your relationship with us begin?

    LT: The best way possible – with an introduction by a great customer who thought that I was the right agent to represent the Diane Kennedy brand.

    DK: What is the most rewarding part of your relationship with us?

    LT: I’m included in the process via creative meetings, sharing the new design ideas, fabric options, and styles that keep the brand exciting each season.

    DK: What do you most appreciate about our brand?

    LT: I appreciate the integrity and quality. The entire creation process incorporates high expectations and a solid work ethic to deliver the best quality fashion.

    DK: What pieces will you be seeking for your Spring 2019 wardrobe?

    LT: The Screen Playsuit and Casting Capri are in my sights, but the Jinx Jumpsuit may win out.

    I consider myself very lucky to be represented by such a remarkable and lovely woman who truly understands our market, and who is responsible for getting Diane Kennedy clothing into stores all across Canada. Thank you, Leah, for your unfailing support, unparalleled work ethic, and for being the strong, resilient, and incredibly beautiful human you are!

  • Dancing in Style – Meet our New Model

    Published Jan 23 2019 in bamboo, fashion, jackets, tunics

    In this blog, our own Barb Wilkins shares the story of how she found our newest Diane Kennedy model.

    Gia Holman has been teaching lyrical jazz and contemporary dance, from beginner to professional levels, for nearly forty-five years. These days, she focuses on providing classes for other "mature” dancers who are committed to continuing their training and celebrating their creative spirits for as long as possible.

    When I first met Gia, she spoke to me like she knew me. I thought maybe I had forgotten our first meeting, but she was so charming and lovely and I went with it! The next time I saw Gia, she confessed that she thought I was someone else she knew. Basically, we were friends from the start.

    By virtue of having similar taste in music, we started running into each other often. I found out that Gia had been a professional dancer and dance teacher her whole life. I was transfixed when she posted photos of herself as a young 20-something, just on the verge of heading to New York to study dance. I then found out Gia is still dancing and teaching adults in the semi-retired phase of her life, which was completely inspiring.

    Cut to a work meeting discussing the new Diane Kennedy collection: we spoke about wanting to see the clothes worn by a confident, mature woman who could really move. Gia came to mind right away. I contacted her and asked her if she was interested, and she was excited to try modelling for the first time. The date was set.

    Gia admitted to being shy, especially around cameras. I chose some music by a mutual friend of ours, and once the blues started streaming out of the stereo and the camera started clicking, Gia transformed.

    She didn’t seem shy at all!

    I found it fascinating to see Gia move. It was thrilling to see how well she knew her own body – how it moved and created shapes and lines.

    "Lyrical dance is about line, form, and flow of movement –
    I find all three elements in Diane's designs.
    They are a delight to wear."
    ~ Gia Holman

    Stay tuned to our social media feeds for more photos from our shoot with Gia! Join us on Facebook ( and Instagram (@dianemkennedy).

    XOX Barb

    P.S. Come see Gia's outfits in person at our Studio Shop this weekend:

    • Friday, January 25, 2pm-7 pm 
    • Saturday, January 26, 11am-5pm
    • 1635 Powell Street, Vancouver, BC

    Free parking is available right out front or in the parking lot beside The Flag Shop.