• Pick your Perfect Pants

    Published Jan 13 2022 in #applebody, #over50style, #pantfit, #pearbody, #plussizepants, #sustainablefashion

    After 14 years of glowing reviews, our ultra-comfy pants are the most complimented items we make. Bespoke fabric and enduring quality are only part of the story behind these best-loved styles (pun intended). Whether you are commuting from the kitchen to the living room and back again or grabbing curbside pickup; you'll find a fit that feels just right for your shape, size and style.

    Comfort starts with our signature, contoured, "no-roll" waistband that sits at your natural waist. This smooth specialized elastic holds its shape without bunching so it lays flat and stretches seamlessly to move with you. Go ahead and dine, dance, travel and tour while free from any pinching, pulling or readjusting.

    SereneIf you have fuller hips and thighs, these wider-leg pants will work wonders by balancing out your figure. Pear-shaped customers rave about these ultra-comfy pants. This popular pant skims curves and is ideal for camouflaging bumpy legs and knees for a smoother look. Available in Regular and Petite lengths. Check out the new Serene Pants here!

    Diane Kennedy Wider Leg Bamboo pant

    Travel Pant ~ If you are taller with fuller hips and thighs; take a look at this fashion-forward twist on the Serene; with a convertible ruched hem, side pockets and a zippered cargo pocket. These convertible pants give you two looks in one. Choose to wear these at their full length or as a cinched-up ankle pant (or capri if you are tall). Explore the Travel Pants!

    Diane Kennedy Wider leg Bamboo pant

    Spirit ~ How did we make our best-selling pants of all time even better? Add a pocket, let's make that two (these pants are an update of our best-selling Flex pants). These classic straight leg pants are flattering for every body shape, with pockets that lay flat, and are available in Regular and Petite lengths. See the Spirit Pants now!

    Diane Kennedy Straight leg Bamboo pant

    Ignite ~ Strike the perfect balance between a pant and a legging and update your style with the Ignite Pants. These modern Joggers make your legs look great while on the move and are especially flattering for an Apple body shape. Gently tapered towards the ankle with a slim fit, these tailored pocket pants are designed to be versatile. See all three colours of the Ignite Pants here!

    Diane Kennedy Slim Fit Bamboo pant

    Rejuvenate ~ A universal style for all body shapes; these essential leggings ensure easy comfort thanks to flat-lock seams and a slender covered elastic waistband that is nearly invisible under your DK tops and tunics. Fresh seasonal colours are updated often. Look at these Leggings!

    Diane Kennedy Bamboo tights

    No matter which of these pants you pick; you'll feel like you're lounging in your favourite pajamas yet look refined enough that there's no need to change if company calls.

  • Fashion's Golden Autumn Glow

    Published Nov 04 2021 in #artdecostyle, #autumncolour, #goddessrising, #metallic, #over50style, #petiteplus, #plussize

    Mature oak tree showing it's fall colourDiane loves to walk in her neighbourhood that's filled with historic trees showing their beautiful fall colours. There's practically a botanical arboretum including many varieties of mature oaks and maples just steps from her door.

    Mature maple tree with yellow autumn leavesWhat a stunning backdrop to take a few photos of Diane showing us how she wears some of her favourite designs.

    Diane Kennedy wearing bamboo clothing of her own designWe are so excited to introduce the Goddess Rising Rhapsody ~ a lightweight coat that matches so beautiful with our bamboo solid colours.

    Diane Kennedy wears bamboo outfits of her own designDiane's outfits show two beautiful options for styling this unique statement piece.
    Diane Kennedy wearing bamboo clothing of her own design
    Diane is radiant in this elegant Art Deco print with romantic jewel shades that whisper and weave a luxurious tale of exotic possibility.  
    Diane Kennedy wearing bamboo clothing of her own designWe are on a bit of a metallic kick at the moment and loving the golden metallic wings in this fabric. (Wings symbolize spiritual flight, eternal life, feminine strength and protection and we can all use more of that!)

    Fashion can be an empowering way to express yourself and show your passionate side. These gold metallic details deliver the delight and surprise of the unexpected. Embrace the Goddess within!

     XOX Love Leah 

    mature oak trees in fall colour

  • Be Gentle with Yourself

    Published Oct 27 2021 in #bodyneutral, #bodypositive, #bopo, #selfappreciation, #selfkindness, #selflovejourney

    Body positivity is an act of self love. It is appreciating who and where you are in the moment and not subscribing to society's conditioning and expectations. We've been told for so long that only a certain age and size should get positive attention but that's not right at all.

    There is no better you than the you that you are right now. Maybe your body has changed and maybe you are not 100 percent in love with yourself at this very moment. Body positivity means you relax those conditions and love the body you have, as it is. 

    Kerosene Deluxe

    But let's be honest, that's not easy. Most of us have 'off' days or 'problem areas' that aren't our favourites. Throw in hormonal changes during stress filled unprecedented times, menopause or medications and sprinkle with subjection to unrealistic beauty standards that are constantly forced at us and its no wonder we are often left feeling less than...

    So how about we start with just being body neutral?

    Yes, that's a thing too. Not ready for self love? Start with self kindness. Too soon to celebrate yourself? Accept and respect your body for getting you through each day with determination and sanity. This may come as a huge relief once you take the first step to accept yourself as you are. Science shows that adopting a kinder and more self appreciating attitude lowers stress. Self-Appreciation is about consciously acknowledging the positive within you without the need to compare yourself to others. By boosting your self-esteem you develop coping skills, handle adversity, and put the negative into perspective. 

    Here are some tips to get you started:

     ~ Take time to prioritize your self care and do things you enjoy; its not selfish to put yourself first  
     ~ Choose a brighter colour to lift your mood. Maybe it's a new lipstick, nail polish or a pretty new tunic.
      ~ Be comfortable in your clothing, even if that means wearing a larger size
      ~ Don't dwell on things you cannot control
      ~ Do not compare yourself to another person's body (especially celebrities)

    You are doing the best you can! 

    We know there is no magical cure to fix everything but remember that you are MORE than just your outward appearance. You are a whole resilient being with an immeasurable spirit. 

    Remind yourself that the number on the scale is only the mass you exert on the Earth, not an indication of your value and worth. 


  • Metallics: Time to Shine

    Published Oct 21 2021 in #alfredshaheen, #artdecostyle, #designerfabric, #franklloydwright, #goldmetallic, #metallic

    Designer Diane KennedyDiane first fell in love with this mandala print with delicate gold edging and has been hooked ever since. 

    Her design inspiration was kindled by innovative 1950's designer, Alfred Shaheen, whose introduction of metallic cotton prints took the fashion world by storm. Together with Dr. Edmund Lutz, his friend and head dye chemist, Shaheen created over 100 metallic colors, including gold, silver, sapphire, ruby, and emerald. Today we take metallic printing for granted, but it's creation in the early 1950's for ready to wear clothing was a major achievement.

    Alfred Shaheen's metallic cotton printsTake a sneak peek at these irresistible arrivals all featuring gold accents. We're shining a light on the brilliant metallic fabrics that are bound to brighten your wardrobe this season. 

    Ruby Roxx wearing a Diane Kennedy designGo ahead and get gleaming with polished metal accents on comfortable cotton. You'll notice the Art Deco influence in these stunningly detailed prints.  "Goddess Rising" is an homage to the allure of Egyptian Revival. Exude a sense of exotic mystery with jewel tones outlined in wings of metallic golden ink. Coming very soon!

    A Diane Kennedy metallic printTinsel and teal unite with "Prismatic Peacock" for a tantalizing tribute to the angles of Frank Lloyd Wright. These charming geometrics are edged with reflective golden accents. This unexpected modern metallic print will turn heads. Watch for it coming soon to our Rhapsody Jacket.

    Ruby Roxx wearing a Diane Kennedy design"Paisley Plumes" is a nostalgic nod to the endpapers of yesteryear (remember the inside covers of hardbacked books?). Glimmering metallic gold outlines impart a sense of motion with decadent plumes of turquoise. This captivating Chrissy dress was made for romance.

    Alfred Shaheen's legacy of metallic inks with exotic botanicals were an irresistible combination that forever changed the landscape of what was possible with textiles. We admire and celebrate this truly timeless artisan whose designs withstand the test of time.

    Wishing you a radiant season ahead,

  • Dressing to Disguise your Belly

    Published Sep 30 2021 in #applebodyshape, #howtodress, #levelup, #madeincanada, #plussizeclothing, #styletips

    If you are feeling self-conscious about your middle you are not alone. Many women after 50 experience weight gain on their bellies. This means your waistline may be less defined as you become more of a rounded Apple body shape. Thankfully, there are many ways to disguise your belly so that it doesn’t get in the way of your style! Start with these quick tips: 

    Style Tip #1 ~ Don't wear tight tops over your tummy. Instead choose tops that drape with extra fabric so that nothing clings.  Notice how the flattering contoured seams of the Synergy Tunic conceal the tummy with modern details?

    Diane Kennedy blog on how to disguise your tummyStyle Tip #2 ~ 

    Lucky for us, it's easier to hide a belly during the fall with layers that create slimming vertical lines. Layering is the secret to hide your belly with light coats and vests.  Look for lightweight coats and printed jackets with patterns like our A-Line Joy Coat/Dress that is draped just right to shine a light on your best features. Worn open and layered over the Perfect Tee you can style with Rejuvenate Leggings and ankle boots to show off your legs and draw the attention away from your belly. Choose a print that gives you plenty of options to put it together with other solid colours so you'll get more mileage from your wardrobe. Check out the Recharge Vest for more layering options. Try adding a statement necklace to draw attention to your beautiful neckline. 

    Diane Kennedy blog on how to disguise your tummy

    Style Tip #3~ Leggings are an apple shape's best friend. Not only are they comfortable and stylish, leggings make the most of your legs and elongate your look. When worn with tunics and long tops your tummy is concealed and you will look fabulous. Leggings are the solution to balance out an apple body shape. No one will notice your belly! Choose opaque, thick, matte, leggings with stretch. Make sure the rise is high enough to hit at your natural waist. Our Rejuvenate Leggings fit the bill.

    Diane Kennedy blog on how to disguise your tummy

    If leggings aren't your thing, choose a slim legged pant instead. If you would be more comfortable in pants; another styling trick is to wear asymmetrical tunics with skinny pants. Your eye will be drawn to the hemline rather than tummy area. If you have been searching for a slim leg pant that feels looser than a legging for more freedom and comfort, and gently tapers towards the ankle for thinner legs; we recommend the Ignite Pants with the Inquisitive Tunic. These pants even have pockets and easily tuck into boots. 

    Take a minute to think about the parts of your body that deserve more attention and appreciation. Could you show off some cleavage, highlight your shapely shoulders or your lovely legs? Dress to draw attention away from the tummy.

    Choose the right clothes to create a stylish silhouette that you feel your best in; and then dance around your kitchen like no one's watching...