A Surprise Meet-up!

Morning light at Yellow Point LodgeWhen you find a place that truly renews your soul, you go back right? My friends Barbara and Gord invited me back to Yellow point Lodge and off I went gladly!

So we get there and are sitting in the social area of the lodge and a woman  leans over to me and says, "You look like you're in a creative profession". So I said, "why, yes I am, I'm a clothing designer." And she said "Oh, so is my friend here, Linda". And just like that, that's how I met Canadian fashion icon, Linda Lundstrom! 

Canadian fashion designers Diane Kennedy and Linda LundstromShe is lovely! And there we were, just a couple of green-eyed gals chatting about fabrics and the clothing biz. Her current project is a fabulous line of custom made Shearling outerwear. Apparently she's been coming to Yellow Point all the way from Toronto for over 20 years! We sat at the same table at dinner and there *may* have been a paper airplane fight! She's so much fun! Oh and we all were dancing too!

Forest hike at Yellow Point LodgeSo in three short days at Yellow Point, I really packed it in. Up early the next morning to hike up along the cliffs overlooking the ocean. My plantswoman's heart was singing at the sight of huge swathes of native Fawn lilies just coming into bloom and moss so green and pillowy, I had to sit down and breathe in all that foresty goodness.

Native Fawn Lilies on Vancouver Island

Of course I pack my DK outfits to take with me. I'm enjoying the sunshine and feeling pretty good at this moment I must say. I've been working hard on getting fitter and on losing weight too. Not an easy thing! Here I'm wearing a size XL in the Illusion Tunic, a favourite of mine in the Passionflower shade. I'm also wearing the new Pocket leggings in Black.

Canadian designer Diane Kennedy wearing one of her own designs

Always up for a kayak, my girlfriend Barbara and I went out twice. The first day we were treated to an abundance of Sea Stars! It's encouraging to see healthy starfish along the coast on Vancouver Island. With global warming, the populations have been declining due to bacteria that thrive in warmer waters. 

Healthy sea stars on Vancouver IslandBeing out on the ocean is pure bliss for me. So calming and rejuvenating! There's nothing quite like time on the water in the sunshine, just paddling the day away...

Calm reflective ocean at Yellow Point LodgeAnd those stunning sandstone rock formations get me every time! Whether you're out kayaking along the cliffs or exploring the beaches, there are wonderful sights everywhere you look!

Sandstone cliffs at Yellow Point Lodge

Sunrise at the Beach at Yellow Point lodgeDare I say I'm already planning my next trip back to Yellow Point? I'm hoping to go next month in May when fields of purple Native Camas lilies will be in bloom!

Sunrise at Yellowpoint


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