Calling all Apple Bodies; this is for YOU!

I'm shining the spotlight on the Apple Body and sharing my style tips to make the most of your shape (which happens to be my shape too). Apple body ladies have fullness around the middle and a less defined waistline. The measurement around the tummy is usually larger than the hips.  Let's find out how the right outfit can make your torso appear longer and leaner. Keep in mind that fashion is a journey of self expression and these are just suggestions, you can dress just how ever you please!

Canadian Designer Diane Kennedy wears a deep pink tunic

Go for a colourful top in a tunic length that draws the focus upward towards your face. Invest in V-neck tops that elongate your neckline and don't cling around the tummy to make the most impact for your silhouette. Start with the Illusion Tunic for a stunning option that gives the illusion of a slimmer waistline. I add extra sweep into many of my tops so the fabric flows freely across your tummy. My favourite Playful Tunic is a flattering A-line shape that lightens up your look with 3/4 sleeves, vertical details and a swingy hemline.

Mature plus model wears a Diane Kennedy tunic in admiral blue

Knock off ten pounds with a monochromatic look. Pants and tops in the same colour are a winning combination that slims your look by adding length. If you have slim legs, the Ignite Pants and Rejuvenate Leggings are especially good to accentuate your great legs and create the appearance of height for an Apple. 

Pants made for your Apple body shape:

Rejuvenate ~ A universal style that is comfortable for all body shapes; these essential leggings ensure easy comfort thanks to flat-lock seams and a slender covered elastic waistband that is nearly invisible under your DK tops and tunics. Fresh seasonal colours are updated often.

Ignite ~ If you have an Apple body with thinner, smaller legs these pants are designed especially for you. With tapered legs, two side pockets that lay flat and all the comfort you've come to love from your other DK pants. These versatile pants look great with sneakers, sandals and tucked into boots too.

Pedal Pants ~ A flattering cropped option perfect for warmer weather and complete with pockets that lay flat.

Canadian designer Diane Kennedy wears an outfit in midnight purpleTo wrap up; a  V-neck style, asymmetrical hem, and details at the neckline is great for Apples. Avoid cowls, round necks or rounded hems as these will only accentuate the roundness of an Apple shape. Adding a long necklace is a great choice of accessory because it lengthens your torso. Look for vertical seam details, implied stripes or patterns that create a vertical illusion which will elongate your look with slim lines that don’t add volume. No matter which of these styles you try next, we hope these pointers are helpful when you're shopping for your next outfit. 

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