Classical Beauty: Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden

Gate to the Historic Chinatown District in Vancouver

This gate marks the center of the historic Chinatown district of Vancouver, and nearby is a somewhat discreet wall. You might drive right by and never notice that it's there. But inside is a real treasure waiting to be discovered. 

Balloons at the entrance to Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese GardenCertainly a must visit park if you're ever in Vancouver, is the world famous Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese classical garden. In 2011 it was named No. 1 on the list of city gardens from around the world in a new book from National Geographic!

Model Kerosene Deluxe wearing a Cherry Velvet dress named Midnight in KyotoIt's been a favourite location of mine to do a photo shoot for years, and by far the best time to come is right when it opens and before the crowds arrive. Today we were doing a photo shoot for my other clothing brand called Cherry Velvet. This dress is called Midnight in Kyoto. (it's coming soon!)

Canadian designer Diane Kennedy at the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Park and Garden

Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Park and GardenBeautiful in every season, and even before the cherry blossoms, camellias, magnolias and tree peonies bloom, is this small yet charming oasis in the heart of the city.

Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Park and GardenIt has beautiful 'garden bones' meaning that there is beauty to be found just in the moss covered stones, garden pagodas, walls, evergreen trees, bridges and ponds; even before plants start to bloom. 

Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Park and GardenWhen this garden was completed in 1986 in time for Expo 86, it was the first full scale Chinese classical garden constructed outside of Asia.

Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Park and GardenI'll tell you another secret, I'm not fond of being the 'model' at 5'2" and 57 years old, but we did get a snap or two of me as well. Here I'm wearing the Lyric Tunic in Navy and matching Pocket Legging (my newest favourite, I just LOVE the handy, super deep pockets!)

I can't wait to come back in the spring to see what's in bloom! I'm hoping to catch these outstanding peonies in flower again!

Tree Peonies at Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden

 I hope you've enjoyed this mini tour of a Vancouver gem!


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