Diane's Top Favourites

For all you short and curvy gals out there, Diane shares her personal favourite pieces and her tips on how to dress for an Apple body. (She's a 5'2" Petite Plus sized lady and knows a thing or two about looking fabulous.)

Canadian designer Diane Kennedy models her favourite designs

The Illusion Tunic is a customer favourite and one that looks amazing on Diane's Apple shaped body. She designed this one especially with curved vertical seams to give the illusion of an hourglass shape. The pattern pieces curve in at the waist and out again to add swing, drape and extra room across the tummy. One thing that is never flattering is having fabric tight across your mid section! This style is designed to give definition to the waist and flow over the stomach and hips. (So yes, it's great for pear figures too)

Diane's daily go-to is the Rejuvenate Legging and she loves to match the colour to her top. This monochromatic look lengthens the appearance of your body, and leggings are especially good for a slimming effect.

Canadian designer Diane Kennedy models her favourite designs Diane often chooses a solid black top and a pop of colourful leggings to bring the attention away from her stomach area. The Elevate Tank is just the ticket for a flattering shape in a sleeveless style that also layers easily with the Perfect Tee for the fall. Diane wears this style by itself in the summer as she loves how it gives her shape in the waist but also floats over her tummy.

Canadian designer Diane Kennedy models her favourite designs *Coming Soon* Diane's absolute fave top of all time is the Playful Tunic. This style gives you a great shape that starts with a V neckline and a box pleat that always makes you look slimmer. There are 3/4 sleeves and generous pockets for an added bonus! Stay tuned to the newsletter to be first to know when the Playful Tunics arrive. This fan favourite will be back soon in new colours and prints.

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