Fabulous Heritage Homes and Gardens of Queen's Park

It's Spring and there's no excuse to not get out walking. Thanks to a pedestrian overpass, my route takes me up 5 sets of stairs and into the trails and gardens of Queens Park. In about a month, I'm predicting an explosion of rose blooms to enjoy on this walk. Past the park is the neighbourhood of Queens Park; featuring so many lovely heritage homes and more beautiful, well-tended gardens to pass.  Bursting peonies, flags of iris and the delicious scents of mock orange and honeysuckle brightened this journey. Join me on this trip through this beautiful neighbourhood in my city of New Westminster.

Bright orange Geum and Brick Red Hens and chicks echo the vibrant colours of the paint

Bodacious Azaleas in salmon and pink complement or clash? I love it!

Beautiful Heritage house in the Queen's Park district of New Westminster BC

A pretty wrought iron gate and punchy red door jazz up this tasteful beige beauty

Beautiful Heritage house in the Queen's Park district of New Westminster BC

No shy paint colours here! I love how the graceful Japanese Maple accents the trim 

Heritage Home in the neighbourhood of Queen's Park, New Westminster BC

Shade Garden with Corydalis "Blue Panda'

The gorgeous blue flower is called Corydalis 'Blue Panda'. It is native to China and likes shade and quite moist soil. Here with other shade lovers like Astilbe and Variegated Astrantia

Who wouldn't want to sit and enjoy the neighbourhood from this inviting chair?

Campanula Persifolia

Campanula Persifolia or "Peach Bells"

Campanula Persifolia or "Peach Bells"

I love how the campanula is growing up into the boxwood here!

 Heritage Home in the neighbourhood of Queen's Park, New Westminster BC

I hope you enjoyed joining me on this pictorial journey through New Westminster's Queen's Park neighbourhood to enjoy the enchanting blooms of my favourite flowers and these charming gingerbread cottages.......


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