Live Long and Prosper!

Did you know that socializing is the most important step you can take towards living a longer life? Science tells us that engaging socially and forming close relationships does more for our well being and longevity than even eating healthy and exercising regularly. Developing close relationships with reliable friends provides a support system that helps you thrive and live longer. Making your friendships a priority is a win-win that makes getting together with your bestie even more fabulous, so let's get social!

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Your network of friends is important to your mind, body and soul. These are the brave, fierce, kind, wonderful and dependable women in your life. These are your close relationships that are strong for you when you need support and give as much as they get in return. As we age we need to rely on our network of other women: friends and family. (We can't count on our partner always being there). They've proven scientifically that the number of connections and people we can count on help us live a longer, healthier life. Women's friendships stand the test of time because we are there for each other with a caring word, a thoughtful gesture and advice you can depend on. Take the initiative to demonstrate that you are a reliable friend. Show up for them. Be part of a supportive network for women that enriches us and makes the World a better place.

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How many people do you interact with as you move through your day? Do you talk with your neighbours, or interact with the people that come across your path each day? Moreover, do you go out of your way to engage others?
Each of these interactions are opportunities for a healthier, happier YOU. Take these opportunities to grow your social network. Finding ways to meet other women and make new friends that share common hobbies or interests can be the start of a beautiful friendship. I've asked a stranger for their opinion when shopping for a gift or comparing greeting cards and we've shared a laugh. The magic lies in the unexpected connection. We can spark fun by interacting in a genuine way and going with the flow. A sincere smile or compliment also counts.

Sometimes we may need a little encouragement to step away from our busy lives and make time for what matters most. Here're some ways to get out of your comfort zone and start socializing:

When was the last time you:

   ~chatted with a stranger at a coffee shop?
   ~joined a club to meet people?
   ~called up an old friend for a visit?
   ~learned something new? How about make it a social game like Bridge
   ~planned a tea party for your girlfriends (have them each bring someone new)

friendship meme
The Takeaway: The answer to living a longer, happier life lies in your ability to form close friendships and increase social interactions. Developing close relationships with reliable friends provides a support system that helps you thrive in the best way.

Isn't that reason enough to have a party? Cheers!





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