Pink Boots and Granny Squares

Maybe it’s crazy but I love it and I’m having fun making it! That’s what matters right? Over Christmas I started crocheting a sweater made from granny squares. I find it very relaxing to crochet or knit a simple repetitive pattern. I like to keep my hands busy and my mind wandering.

granny square crochet project
At first I didn’t know what the sweater was going to look like but (unlike regular knitting or crocheting from a pattern) the individual square format lets you change your mind as you work towards the finish project. So what started as a sweater morphed into a cardigan, and I am super happy with how it’s coming along.

But wow, its a lot of work. So many squares to crochet! The final garment will have 186 squares. Each square has three different colours so there are 6 loose ends to work in after each square. (1116 loose ends!)

granny square crochet project
Then the squares all have to be blocked. Meaning you have to wet them and pin them down into a square shape so that they dry all uniform in size. I thought I had a lot of pins but had to go buy more. In the end it took 1000 pins in 4 batches to complete the project (4000 pins)

granny square crochet project
Then all the squares had to be hand sewn together!

Finished Pink Granny Square Cardigan

And here's the finished sweater! I'm super happy with how it turned out! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed following along on my crazy projects. All this because I bought a pair of Pink Boots! The best part of being creative is all the ideas that I get while I’m doing it.


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