Rest, Relax, Rejuvenate at Yellow Point Lodge: Part 1

My lovely girlfriend Barbara has been talking about her visits to Yellow Point Lodge for years. Luckily for me, when she got word of a new, bigger cabin coming available, she invited me along to this magical place. Thank-you Barbara!

Canadian Designer Diane Kennedy with her girlfriend at Yellowpoint Lodge

The first thing I noticed was the picturesque setting with cabins spread out along the shoreline all nestled in between mature trees. Arbutus and Oak trees hanging out over the turquoise green water. Driftwood and bleached logs decorated the shoreline and lucky for us there was sunshine glistening on the ocean. What can I say, this place is spectacular! Old growth forests with walking trails and stunning beaches that I couldn't wait to explore.

Mature plus size model wearing the Admiral blue Playful tunic by Diane Kennedy

Barbara is not only a close friend but also a customer.  She kindly modeled this Playful Tunic in Admiral for me. Doesn't she look lovely? 

Yellowpoint lodge

Yellow Point Lodge is nestled in a temperate West Coast rainforest on Vancouver Island, BC just south of Nanaimo.  And what a place! As the name implies, the lodge is situated on a point of land that commands a 270 degree ocean view. This is a rustic 'all inclusive resort' with all your food and self serve activities provided in a stunning setting. 

 Canadian Designer Diane Kennedy wearing her favourite Play Tunic in Garnet

This is my happy place, exploring the shoreline with beautiful bleached logs and so many shells!  This morning I wore my favourite Playful Tunic in Garnet.  It's so peaceful here with the gentle waves lapping the crushed white oyster shell beach. 

Shell beach at Yellowpoint lodgeOne morning I got up early to explore low tide and was treated to unlimited treasures and this glorious sunrise. 

Sunrise at Yellowpoint

That's just the beginning of the adventure at Yellow Point Lodge. Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into this wonderful relaxing place! Stay tuned for Part two ...





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