Weekend in Victoria BC: A Trio of Gardens to Visit

Parliament buildings in Victoria BCIf you ever get the chance, the city of Victoria makes a wonderful weekend getaway. It's the capital city of the province of BC and there is so much to see and do. Victoria is famous for its 'Butchart Gardens' but instead I visited three other wonderful gardens.  I like to pack in as much in as possible when I travel, getting in my steps and visiting gardens, parks and places of historical significance.

Government House

Canadian designer Diane Kennedy at Government House and gardens in Victoria BC 'Government House' is surrounded by a spectacular garden worthy of visiting dignitaries and monarchs. Indeed Queen Elizabeth used to stay here when she visited Victoria. This rather auspicious gate certainly got my attention.

Canadian fashion designer Diane Kenndy visiting the garden of Government House in VictoriaThis is me getting ready to 'feel regal' as I prepare to follow in the footsteps of the Queen around the garden! I'm wearing the Playful Tunic in Olive with my favourite Rejuvenate leggings in Palm Jacquard.

The Garden at Government House in VictoriaThis is certainly a garden with beautiful garden 'bones' (meaning all the parts that don't include the plants). The rose garden was surrounded by this lovely wrought iron fence while bird baths, statuary, wooden benches, and stone pathways could be found throughout the garden. 

The Garden at Government House in VictoriaThen of course there were the plants! All manner of late daffodils and specialty bulbs like this Leucojum (center white flower) also know as 'Summer Snowflake' were in bloom.

The Gardens of Government House in VictoriaNative woodland gems like Trillium ovatum and Pink Dog Tooth Lily (Erythronium Revolutum) were sprinkled throughout the forested pathways. I spotted these stunning red Trillium erectum along a border. 

The Gardens of Government House in Victoria

Beacon Hill Park

I certainly enjoyed walking through the neighbourhoods of Victoria, there were so many beautiful homes and well kept properties. While it was a bit of a walk, off I went to visit Beacon Hill park next. There I was greeted by fields of native Fawn lilies and daffodils as far as the eye could see. 

Fawn lilies in Beacon Hill Park Victoria BCLoads of lovely daffodils including this miniature variety in the Alpine Garden (far right)

Daffodils in Beacon Hill Park Victoria BC

 And masses of primroses....

Primroses in Beacon Hill Park Victoria BC

Beacon Hill Park Victoria BCAnd the highlight was this gorgeous boy whom I convinced to put on a show!

Peacock in Beacon Hill Park Victoria BC

Abkhazi Gardens

Abkhazi garden in Victoria BCAfter hearing of the story of two lovers reunited after WW2, I had to visit the garden of Prince and Princess Abkhazi. After being separated and interned in prison camps, they married and settled in Victoria in 1946. 

Abkhazi garden in Victoria BCTogether they built this lovely garden on rocky slopes that features mature rhododendrons, Japanese maples and Garry Oaks that have had over 70 years to mature.

Abkhazi garden in Victoria BC
When you first enter the garden, you're greeted by a charming woodland of Rhododendrons underplanted with spring bulbs and ephemerals. The garden is very discreet from the street, with only hints of what exists beyond the hedge.

Abkhazi garden in Victoria BC

Abkhazi garden in Victoria BCThe garden flows around the rock outcrops, perfect for tucking in choice alpines and woodland companions plants. The pale pink perennial sweet pea on the far right caught my eye; Lathyrus verna. 

Canadian designer Diane Kennedy at Abkhazi garden in Victoria BCAnother day, another Playful Tunic ( I have every colour!), this time in Midnight with Pocket leggings.

I hope I've enticed you enough to want to visit the beautiful gardens of Victoria BC.



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