What to Wear for Pear Body Shapes

Since as many as 64% of today's North American women identify themselves as a Pear Shape, we asked Diane to give us her designer's perspective on how balance and flatter a Pear body type. (Of course you can wear whatever you want because there are no hard and fast rules in fashion.  These are just our helpful tips and suggestions)

"A Pear shape is defined by a body that is proportionally narrower in the shoulders, slightly smaller in the bust and larger in the hips and thighs." 

Plus model Erika Tavernari wears a Canadian designed outfit for a pear shape bodyErika shows us how wearing a brighter colour on top and a darker colour on the bottom can work to your advantage by drawing the eye upward and draw the focus to your best features. Choose a top like the Unity Tunic that adds vertical lines and doesn’t cling to your hips. Diane builds her tops with extra sweep, this forgiving style adds room to move with fabric that flows freely.

Leah Tuttle models a Diane Kennedy outfit for pear shaped bodiesHere's another example of how a brighter top draws the focus away from hips and thighs with our reversible Clever cami. This side of the Clever cami is flattering for pears with a V neckline and front slit (the other side is a scoop neck). The cropped Pier Pants have a relaxed, wider leg that drapes over curves without clinging. The perfect choice if you have fuller thighs and or hips or just love a wider leg. Another great wider leg choice for pears are the versatile Travel Pants; a modern style with extra pockets and a drawstring adjustable hem.

Plus Model Erika Tavernari wears an outfit for a Pear Shape Body by Canadian designer Diane KennedyCreating a vertical line is the goal with a Pear shape. See how this Rhapsody Jacket worn open creates a strong vertical line that visually narrows the body. Erika is wearing a vibrant shade of the Clever Cami with the Serene Pant; always our #1 pant recommendation for a Pear. 

The Serene Pant has a wide leg that flows straight from hip to hem and creates a long lean line that elongates your legs. This relaxed wider leg also balances fuller hips and thighs (and your bottom line) while camouflaging bumpy legs and knees. Ticking all the boxes for comfort, quality and style; The Serene pant also has the option of regular and Petite lengths too.

Plus Model Erika Tavernari wears an outfit for a Pear Shape Body by Canadian designer Diane KennedyVertical lines in a print, a V neck and interest at the shoulder all bring the attention away from your hips and up to your face. This Vacay V-Neck Tunic is a great choice for a pear, shown here with matching Serene pants in Admiral.

A dress for a pear body type designed by Diane Kennedy for Cherry VelvetYou may already know that Diane designs dresses that are fantastic for pears. Each of her dresses fit a woman's curves like this Ingrid dress in Floral Fantasia that features an A-line skirt to give you plenty of room in the hips. This stunning summer dress is made in a Kaffe Fassett cotton print and even has pockets! Shop Diane's dress collection here

We hope all you pears out there found Diane's fashion tips helpful. Stay tuned for more body shape styling tips coming soon...



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