Why buy our leggings?

plus size model wears blue bamboo Diane Kennedy leggings

You might think that all bamboo leggings are pretty much the same. So what makes are ours different and worth the price? 

~ Firstly, our brand is completely made in Canada (not just designed by a company in Canada and made overseas).

~ Our exclusive Eco bamboo fabric is also made in Canada. You have peace of mind that the fabric that touches your skin is safe, healthy, and free from lead, heavy metals and random unknown carcinogens.

~ Each garment is ethically manufactured in beautiful Vancouver, BC Canada by local factories paying fair wages. (no sweatshops or child labour)

plus size model wears rainforest green bamboo Diane Kennedy leggings
Tried, tested, and true for over 15 years by the ladies who love and live in them. Our Rejuvenate leggings fit amazing! Known for enduring quality because they hold their shape and don’t bag out - even after years of wear. Thanks to our durable yet silky soft, matte, and opaque fabric that gives you a gentle hug of memory stretch. Designed to properly fit women with curves with a realistic rise.

How important is your carbon footprint?

Our Bamboo fabric is made in Canada and the dyes are not poured into our water supply or disposed of in a way that would harm the environment. Unfortunately in some countries, dumping chemicals from dying textiles is a daily occurrence:

Experts warn of high levels of chemicals in clothes by some fast-fashion retailers that you should beware:

Cost of Color: Textile Dyeing Industry is Slowly Killing Rivers in Asian Countries

 a plus size model wears amethyst purple bamboo leggings by Canadian designer Diane Kennedy

It’s true, our leggings cost more but they’re worth every penny (even though we don’t have pennies in Canada anymore).

Now you know why it feels so much better when we buy local.



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