Yellow Point Lodge Part 2: Exploring the Coastline

Hope you enjoyed reading part 1 of my adventures at Yellow Point Lodge on Vancouver Island.  

This self serve resort made it easy to keep ourselves busy. There was so much to do and see and those Kayaks were calling to me! The weather was perfect with calm turquoise green waters so we went out to explore the shore. Check out this beautiful coastline.

View of the beach cabins and shoreline at Yellowpoint Lodge

Barbara and I couldn't wait to get started. Everyday, we discovered new scenery and found out how much we both love kayaking. Fun times!

Two ladies kayaking at Yellowpoint Lodge

The coastlines of the gulf islands in BC have the most incredible sandstone rock formations that've been naturally eroded into fantastic shapes. These are just a couple of the interesting hollows we spotted. 

Sandstone rock formations at Yellowpoint Lodge

The water was so clear and calm; perfect for Kayaking. You can easily see everything going on under the water; we spotted plenty of sea life, like this  orange Starfish. I even spotted a humpback whale on this trip (from the shore) and this cool, whale shaped rock. (on the right)

Clear ocean water off Yellowpoint Lodge

clear water showing starfish along the Vancouver Island, B.C. coastline

Fun fact: there are lots of oysters in this area so there are tons of crushed white shells under the water which gives you that almost tropical turquoise green water near the shoreline. 

Kayaking in the clear waters surrounding Yellowpoint Lodge Kayaking in the clear waters surrounding Yellowpoint Lodge

 View of the shoreline near Yellowpoint LodgeWe are making the most of this spectacular scenery and perfect weather. I can tell you that after three days of practice, we're getting better at getting in and out of a kayak! 

After working up an appetite paddling those waves, it was time to get dressed for dinner.  Mature plus size model wears the Diane Kennedy Artistry Tunic in Rainforest green

Here's Barbara wearing the Artistry Tunic in Rainforest.

Did I mention the food? As you know I'm a bit of a foodie and I love that this place makes everything from scratch. They served us fresh home baked goodies everyday and delicious local farm to table goodness here. 

Stay tuned for Part 3 coming up, exploring the protected Rainforest.

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