Castle Howard; as seen on Bridgerton

At a time when we’re all stuck at home concentrating on staying healthy (both mentally and physically), a little fantasy can go along way. I have personally been enjoying the most splendid new series on Netflix called Bridgerton. Filmed at multiple locations in England, but particularly near York at the infamous Castle Howard, the show inevitably reminds me of my visit to this spot a few years back.

Castle Howard
Quite a bit of the grounds and the exterior of the Castle feature prominently in the show. I’m so glad that we took the time to walk out to the four corners of this property visiting walled gardens, English flower borders, fountains, woodland walks and the Temple of the Four winds.

The landscape of Castle Howard featuring hardy fuchsias

Fountain at Castle HowardAlthough many of the major scenes were filmed on custom built sets, much of the gorgeous interior of the castle is still featured in the show, including the graceful staircases, hallways, galleries and the most magnificent golden dome.

Entrance and Dish cabinet at Castle Howard

Hallway at Castle Howard

Drawing room at Castle Howard beautiful, Bridgerton is a fashion designer's fantasy with almost 7500 historical costumes complete with the most eye catching sparkling rhinestone jewelry. But whatever your reason for watching, you can also enjoy a love story and even some racy scenes (watch for the Temple of the Four winds!) There is certainly much to take us away from this moment, and into thoughts of travel plans and a sparkly, beautiful future.

Temple of the Four Winds at Castle Howard
For now, let's keep dreaming.

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