Finding your Joy

The holidays may look and feel different this year but there are still lots of joyful times to be had. Let’s find our joy in all the ways that are available to us. This is the year to feel grateful for the things we have.

Top of my list is my wonderful son that just graduated university this year. He loves to cook so together we're planning to try some new recipes and some old favourites. We’re going to fill our house with deliciousness like the smell of this yummy Spicy Chai Tea recipe Leah shared with me this year. There will be the smell of potato latkes frying and a rosemary encrusted leg of lamb for Christmas with a pot of delicious Moroccan flavoured lamb soup afterwards. 

I generally don’t decorate in a commercial way, mostly I prefer a more natural approach to holiday decorating with 'living' ornaments. Every year, I put together a giant basket of three beautiful shades of poinsettias. This year, I'm loving this completely new mauve shade.

Sid Dicken's Wall tiles with a Poinsettia basket and vintage ornaments

I like to plant at least one amaryllis bulb to watch the marvel of the stem growing in inches each day and buds emerging into spectacular blooms.

Blooming white and red Amarylis

Last fall, on a trip to Kelowna, I collected a giant bag of pine cones; and this year I made a wreath with them for my front door. I also have bowls stacked with pine cones around my house. Mixing vintage ornaments from my childhood and natural decorations like this bring me joy. (The vintage skates were my mother's)

Pine cones and vintage skates Christmas vingnette

I hope you find your own version of joy this season. I can’t leave this note without thanking each and every one of you for your support of my company and other small businesses like us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Happy Holidays and cheers to better times ahead to us all!

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