Going boldly into Pattern Mixing!

As I mentioned in my last blog post, here is the finished photo of the 100% cotton tunic I made using my 'beautiful production scraps'. If you missed that post, you can find it here

Designer Diane Kennedy in a preview of her new pattern mixing shirt
I was blown away by the response when I shared this photo on Facebook and Instagram! (are you following me there? If not, please do!) I know my customers would love to see more printed designs but it's hard to find many options in our preferred bamboo fabric. The response I got for mixing bold prints really surprised me!

The feedback was so positive that this fun little project will become a reality. The fabric has been ordered and I'm so excited! It was such a pleasure to pick out all the fabrics. There will be 5 different colourways all with 3 prints in each tunic. The fabrics I chose are all designed by the incredible fabric designer Kaffe Fassett, the pattern mixing master himself! Honestly, I feel like I can't take the credit, his fabrics are amazing and designed to be mixed, so my part was fun and easy.

Designer Diane Kennedy in a preview of her new pattern mixing shirt
I can't wait to share the finished tunics with you all. They will be available to purchase later this Spring!

Over the holidays, I continued working on my crochet projects. The first pink sweater I made didn't turn out to my satisfaction, so I took it apart. I'm now reworking that yarn into a colorful granny square cardigan - can't believe how much work it's been!

Here's a peek...

pink granny squares
Stay tuned for more updates on the mixed print tops and other fun projects including a photo of my crazy Granny Cardigan! 

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