It's Not So Complicated: Age Acceptance

If you've seen Something's Gotta Give, It's Complicated (both are movies) or watched Grace and Frankie (the TV series) you may have noticed that women over 50 and beyond are having a moment. These real and likable characters have captured our interest because they are in the spotlight for the first time; no longer cast into the shadows with secondary roles as someone's mother or grandma but as the center of the action, the romantic leading lady. You may have also noticed that these woman are owning their lives, passionate, exciting, and in control. We are captivated by their effortless style but more than that, it is the palpable force of their life energy and charismatic ability to seize the moment without apology. 

older mature women wearing a black tank top This is a woman we can identify with! Think of actress Helen Mirren or our very own model, Viola Evans.  We can cheer when she flouts traditional constraints, shows us her strength, freedom and resilience. We applaud her ageless approach to her world, her adventurous spirit and the ability to shake off any expectations based on her age. This is better than the usual fairy tale because we can relate to this women.

We want to know how she is thriving without following the rules. She is out there riding her bike, kayaking and hiking without constraints. Then we get the message and realize that there really are NO RULES. She doesn't accept that youth is the only beauty or that skinny is the only beauty. She has lived. She knows what matters and she's not going to waste her energy on illusions. She is confident, independent, and she is getting it all without apologies or sacrificing her self respect. We love this woman!

older women with an age positive quote and a purple tunicThese relatable characters strike a chord within us to accept ourselves too. This is the moment to realize that we have every chance at true happiness if we release ourselves from the old idea that life is over once you reach a certain age.  

older women with an age positive quote and a blue outfitThis is our time to shine! It's our turn to live for ourselves. There is life over 50/60/70/80. Let's accept ourselves as we are! Our rewards are waiting if we can evolve and emerge as we are meant to become; accepting, appreciative and open for the adventures ahead and unlimited by a few grey hairs. We are not running out of runway; we are just getting started and the sky's the limit!

 P.S. All the quotes in the photos are by author Donna Ashworth








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