The Show Must Go On

Published Apr 17 2020 in Behind the Scenes, diane kennedy, local, online shopping, personal service, social media, staff update, women in business

Diane Kennedy Shipping Selfie

They say a woman is like tea - you won't know how strong she is until you put her in hot water.

Our designer, Diane, has been aptly proving this the last few weeks; working like a whirling dervish; singlehandedly overseeing all shipping, daily studio operations... 

Diane Kennedy Thank You Cards(Somehow she also finds time to write our wonderful customers Thank You notes!)

...and receiving new arrivals! 

We're excited to add another selection to our Dress Collection, with our Waterfront Dress

This beautiful cotton dress was designed with our customers in mind. Diane gave this look a more structured fit through the upper body and around the armhole, with a slightly extended shoulder - thus ensuring a smooth silhouette. Reminiscent of a shift dress, it gently comes in at the waist, while having a comfortable (not too tight) fit around the waistline. It finishes with a mid-calf length and a soft, modest V-neck.

Look forward to a variety of beautiful prints:

Waterfront Dress Fabrics
(Top left, clockwise: Ocean, Palm, Fable & Regency)

As you can see, fashion never stops! Diane, as well as all of us here at Diane Kennedy, are still carrying on. Rest assured, Diane still has new fashion up her sleeve this season, so stay tuned! 

Thank you so much for your orders!  We truly appreciate your support at this time and always.

Much love,

The Team at Diane Kennedy