What to Wear if you're a Rectangle

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Fashion is an adventure of self expression and meant to be fun. I'm sharing my style tips and fashion picks for making the most of your figure type, but please know these are suggestions only, of course you can wear whatever you like.

As we age our waistline tends to get a little thicker and less defined. This means that many of you may fit into this 'rectangle' category. If you are a mostly straight up and down shape and visually have similar measurements for shoulders and hips with little to no waist definition then you are likely a Rectangle body. Let's pick out some outfits that can give you a more defined waistline and add some 'curves' to your silhouette in the right places.

Choosing styles with a little more visual 'weight' around the neckline and hips to balance out your figure is a great place to start. Look for an asymmetrical or shaped hemline and A-line shapes which hint at hidden curves and a waistline. Our Artistry Tunic fits this description well and features a zipper trim that adds polish with an asymmetrical hem and a layered detail.

Plus size model wears a Rainforest green Artistry Tunic by Canadian designer Diane Kennedy

The Smart Shirt has a beautiful collar to frame your face and a V neckline which help to draw the eye in on the torso. As well it has a curved shirttail hem which gives a flattering line and curves around the hips. 

Plus size model wears a royal blue Smart Shirt by Canadian designer Diane KennedySome pointers when dressing your Rectangle body are to invest in A-line styles, V necklines, and tops that visually detail the area of your waistline with vertical seams. Another style I can recommend with these details is the Unity Tunic

Plus size model wears an Amethyst Unity Tunic by Canadian designer Diane Kennedy

Styles to avoid are boat necks and square necklines. In fact, don't choose anything that looks square, cropped or boxy. Pick more tailored options instead.

My top choice for pants would be a straight leg version either the Spirit pant with pockets or the Flex pant in the heavier weight fabric. Both are available in Regular, Petite and Tall lengths.

Plus size model wears a Black bamboo Spirit Pant by Canadian designer Diane KennedyIf you are looking for a pant to take along to a warmer location, check out the Escape Crops. With a cute shape and plenty of details that will work for the Rectangle body.

Plus size model wears the Black Escape crop pant by Canadian designer Diane Kennedy

We hope you enjoyed this dive into all things related to the Rectangle body type and making it a little easier to dress yours.



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